Pastor Norm Arnold

Norm received his theological education from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA. In September 2013 he began serving as pastor and mission developer to Living Stones Prison Congregation, which worships in the Washington Corrections Center (WCC) at Shelton, Washington.

When asked why he does ministry with the incarcerated and what he learns from it, he states: I am convinced this ministry is where God wants me. Months before this position was available, I was given the stoles of Pastor John O'Neal, who laid the foundation for a ministry with the incarcerated at WCC. I have a history of working with an ecumenical group of men while serving in the military, and I also worked as a mental health provider for those dealing with substance abuse. God has changed me from a rebellious youth who was angry with God to where I am today... which is far from perfect, but confident that I am securely held by a loving and caring God who has forgiven my every wrong, accepted me and drawn me into his wondrous presence. My story is a message of grace that resonates with this community. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, who has redeemed us from the power of sin and brought us into his glorious light. Though I had no idea at the time I began this ministry, it seems my life experiences have prepared me well to work with the men and I am truly blessed to pastor the men of Living Stones.

I am energized by the men who thirst for God and engage in their relationship with Jesus Christ. I am grateful for experiencing God's forgiveness and his empowering grace both for myself and for others. God is truly the change-agent. It is God's empowering that breaks the bonds of sin and the cycle of violence that permeates our world. Those involved in Living Stones regularly witness God's work among the men, both individually and corporately. This ministry is challenging and rewarding. God often manifests in real, tangible, and profound ways for those who worship at Living Stones. I am on a fantastic journey of experiencing God's love and plan for the incarcerated children of God.